We are a social development foundation which is the parent, in every sense of the word, of a solid group of businesses engaged genuinely and solely in the quest for the common good.

We are an Organization engaged genuinely and solely in the quest for the common good.

Over a century of faithful adherence to the Legacy handed down from generation to generation.

Of people, who are the reason for our existence.

How we work

We at Fundación Grupo Social seek to bring about real changewin Colombian society based on solidarity, ethics, transcendental values, the common good and development among the disadvantaged.

We aim to be a testimony to a different form of action through our businesses and with the accompaniment we provide to the communities most in need.

We are a foundation that owns an economic group whose work, done through enterprise and with communities, seeks solely to promote the common good and to achieve a social purpose.

Our businesses

We are the leader of a business group that looks for solutions of real problems, promoting inclusion and welfare, mainly among the underprivileged groups in Colombian society.

Our accompaniment for communities

We work in direct involvement with marginalized groups in long-term processes of non-assistential promotion, building capacities needed for them to become agents of their own development and to achieve a comprehensively better quality of life.

We have a presence in 760 municipalities covering 92% of the population of Colombia.

Our work with communities is also done in several zones of 6 municipialities with a total population of 254.264. In the last 10 years we have helped more than 4 million people.

We are a foundation with over 8,500 staff members whose daily work helps to achieve our purpose.

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